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Leaders in the market
Comprehensive Arab Directory of Jewelry Sites, Precious Metals, Diamond Gemstones
Fragrances , perfume bottles ,eastern perfumes and Mukhallates as we offer....
Manufacturer / developer of consumer electronics and software applications for...
A professional corporation provide multiple ways to do business in a secure ...
Media planning & placement, Direct market distribution, Creative production Ad design..
Web hosting, Web Design, Web Developing, domain names, internet marketing tools ....
Online-based real estate business in Egypt Co-founded in 1999 by EFG-Hermes S.A.E..
Focuses on Middle Eastern and international modern art with the communities in Dubai....
Bentelhalal contains more than one million singles looking for marriage. Marriage is....
WBart Multimedia Production, Website Design, Development, Graphic, E-Commerce
One of the first companies producing the cosmetic in Syria. Our products are highly..
Online-based real estate business in Egypt Co-founded in 1999 by EFG-Hermes S.A.E..
WBart Multimedia Production, Website Design, Development, Graphic, E-Commerce
Online-based real estate business in Egypt Co-founded in 1999 by EFG-Hermes S.A.E..
Arab Directory and Search Engine for Arab Artists Sites of Fine Art, Music, Singers, ...
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The way how it works:
Use your money to bid on keywords of your choice. For instance, if you bid 1 or 50 for the keyword "computer", and you are the highest bidder, your site will come to the top of the list every time someone does a search for "computer". So If they click on the link and go to your site, 1 or 50 will be removed from your account.
The money will not remove from your account unless your web site clicked by viewer.
Also your money will not remove from your account if you did NOT bid yet on keywords for your site.
It will stay listed for FREE, but will not be at the top in the first category pages, where users have to browse all pages to find your site.
All you have to do is register (For Free) and then click on the "My Account" link at the top menu to manage your web site/s bidding and guide you through your keyword setup to push your site/s up and on the front page.
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How do I search Arabic Web Directory ( AWD )?
Type a word (or several words) into the query box and then hit the "Search" button (or the "Enter" key on your keyboard). The search process will look for any matches with your query in the directory. Please note that the directory is subject-based that happens to be searchable, so if you're not looking for a specific web site, choose search terms based on the general subject you're interested in.
How can I specify my search and what are the options for that?
You can click on advanced search just under the search box, and specify your search by words or search terms "full details in the search Tips", choosing the country, search by domain name "if you know the address of the web site you searching for" and search by the ID number of the site listing.
Can I add more than one website?
Yes you can add and manage more than web site under your account.
Can I list my web site in more than one category?
Yes you can list your website in more than one category, for example: your web site computer hardware software company, you can list and repeat your site under hardware, software categories and if you have product to sell online on your web site, you can add the same web site under shopping as well. Don't repeat your site in the same category, as will be removed from the system with the original site.
Can I use Arabic Language in the description for my listings web sites?
Yes you can choose your listing/s description in Arabic, but your web site will be NOT searchable, so we recommend that to be only in English for the search engine as the system works in English only.
Can I choose Arabic Language for my listing title?
The title must be in English, because the search engine works in English. But you can add an Arabic title when you register the premium plan.
How can I manage key words and search terms for my web site?
You can manage that from your account and make sure your website listing title and description are included words and phrases that you expect people and searchers will use for search.
What is the best for using a country name for our web site?
You can use whatever you like, but you have to expect users what they will use for a country name in their advanced search. For example, searching for computer in the United Arab Emirates, the user may type United Arab Emirates or "UAE only" in the country field, so to catch all, you should record all alternative names (in the country name filed) for your web site listing.
Example two, a website business Arabic "or not Arabic" running from England, the country filed on your website listing in the directory should be: England, United Kingdom, UK, Great Britain … and so on. Each word or phrase should be separated by coma and space.
What if my business running in several counties?
You can specify two three or more country names, whatever the country filed space take.
If the website international activities you can use: non, / , International, Middle East, Europe, ..…. and so on
Don't forget to separate words by coma and space.

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